Discussion 9: Show Me the Money (UX3)

With all that's happened in the last year regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement and the "1%" rhetoric that seems to be everywhere, some of you may have begun thinking about the way money moves in our society. Consider what you know about the lives of the wealthy in America, from CEO's to celebrities, then read the following article by Andrew Carnegie, one the most well-known "rags to riches" stories in American history. By the time he retired he was worth 4% of the total   U.S. national wealth.

The Gospel According to Andrew Carnegie' From "Wealth," an article published in the North American Review. There is a new book out on this so my link is not working well. Try this address for it:  https://www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/rbannis1/AIH19th/Carnegie.html.

What do you think of Carnegie's perspectives on wealth? Do you think this perspective is widely held today? If not, do you think that has an influence on our culture? On politics?