Discussion 7: Quacks and Hacks (UX3)

How do we know what's real or what's reliable when it comes to things like modern medicine and science? How do you know whether a fad diet will really work?   Developing critical thinking skills is key, but it's also important to have some knowledge of the world around you. For instance, a college education can equip you with enough knowledge about the human body, biology, and human health for you to adequately evaluate health articles you find on the internet.

Read the following article and then answer the questions below:

The Huffington Post is Crazy About Your Health' by Rahul K. Parikh in Salon

What role should ethics play in health and medical writing? Do you think that medical writers have an obligation to use good research? What is the role of the consumer in all of this? Even if a consumer takes the time to educate him or herself, what happens when there is a glut of misinformation out there?