How to Submit Work

Read All of the Following Instructions:

You are responsible for understanding how to submit work. You must understand these instructions in order to submit your first assignment and all following assignments. You should receive an invitation to a shared folder using a service called "Dropbox" in your UA Gmail account. Read the instructions located here and then follow the instructions located in the email.


How to Name Your Word Documents:

Please name your 20-point writing assignments as follows:

  • WA-1-Lastname.doc
  • WA-2-Lastname.doc
  • WA-3-Lastname.doc
  • WA-4-Lastname.doc
  • WA-5-Lastname.doc
  • WA-6-Lastname.doc
  • WA-7-Lastname.doc
  • WA-8-Lastname.doc
  • WA-9-Lastname.doc
  • WA-10-Lastname.doc

Please name your papers as follows

  • Paper-1-Draft-Lastname.doc
  • Paper-1-Final-Lastname.doc
  • Paper-2-Draft-Lastname.doc
  • Paper-2-Final-Lastname.doc
  • Paper-3-Draft-Lastname.doc
  • Paper-3-Final-Lastname.doc
  • Research-Draft-1-Lastname.doc
  • Research-Draft-2-Lastname.doc
  • Research-Final-Lastname.doc

Once your instructor has graded the assignment, it will be renamed, like this:

  • Graded-WA-1-Lastname.doc
  • Graded-WA-2-Lastname.doc
  • Graded-Paper-1-Draft-Lastname.doc

If you fail to name your files properly, your instructor will not grade your assignments!



How to Submit Your Work:

Name your assignment and then save it to the Dropbox folder you created with your name on it (Instructions below). Your Dropbox folder will serve as your portfolio throughout the semester. Your instructor will grade and comment on your papers in this private folder. DO NOT SEND YOUR PAPERS THROUGH EMAIL.   Dropbox is a free service and although you can download the program to your computer, you are not required to do so and you may upload all of your papers using the Dropbox website if you choose to do so.



How to Set Up Your Dropbox Account

1. Go to and sign up for an account (please use your UA mail account to sign up).


2. Once you sign in,create a new folder with your name as the title of the folder.


3. Click the folder line, so that you can see the toolbar, then click "Share this folder"

4.   Invite your instructor to share the contents of your folder.   Your instructor will be able to edit your documents (providing you with feedback on your papers) but he or she will NOT be able to see any of the other folders you have outside of this folder.

5. Once you've shared your folder, begin working on assignments, name the documents correctly (see above) and load your assignments into the folder. You can drop them into the folder on your computer (if you've installed the app), or you can go to the Dropbox website and upload the assignments there.