Lesson 12

The Goal:

In this lesson we will concentrate on the skills of finding and reading scholarly sources for your research paper. As a university student, you will have to learn how to go beyond Google search for information. This includes using libraries, academic search engines, and real life sources like interviews and lectures.


What to Read:

1.  Reading Games: Strategies for Reading Scholarly Sources' by Karen Rosenberg in Writing Spaces, Vol 2.

2. Pages  1-8 in “Crafting Your Query by using Special Characters' Pages 1-8 are linked on the main page.

3. Purdue OWL’s entry on “Annotated Bibliographies' and the “Bibliography Samples

4. Individual Student Research

 Annotated Bibliography

Continue to research sources for your research essay. You need to create an annotated bibliography (look at the OWL entries under Reading) of  10 sources you have read so far on your topic. The three sources you did for the last lesson are part of this, so you are really only documenting another 7 sources you have looked at.The annotation should be 3-6 sentences per source explaining what was in the source and if it will be helpful. Be sure to cite the sources in MLA format.

 Paper 3 Revision

Submission Checklist:

1. Annotated Bibliography of 10 sources, 3 of which are from the last lesson (WA 7)- 20 points

2. Paper 3 revision - variable points