Lesson 15

The Goal:  

This is it! Your goal for this lesson is to complete your research paper and turn it in, along with a 1-page reflective memo that discusses your experience.


What to Read:

Reflective Writing and the Revision Process: What Were You Thinking?'   by Sandra L. Giles in  Writing Spaces, Vol 1.


Writing Exercise:

1.   The Final Draft (100 points)

  • 7-9 pages, +1 Works Cited page
  • minimum of 6 sources
  • grammar and punctuation should be highly polished with no errors
  • you must have an obvious thesis statement with organized supporting paragraphs that illuminate your thesis
  • your argument must be logical
  • formatting should be flawless


2. Write a memo of 150-250 words addressed to your instructor that discusses your experience with the course as a whole and the research paper specifically.  NOTE: this is to be in Memo format and needs to be length required for full points.


Submission Checklist:


  • Final draft research essay (100  points)
  • Reflective memo: WA10 (20 points)