Lesson 4

The Goal:

Your goal for this lesson is to write carefully constructed paragraphs and to see how different types of paragraphs can be useful in various places in an essay.


What to Read:

  1. The Sixth Paragraph: A Re-Vision of the Essay' by Paul Lynch in Writing Spaces, Vol 2.
  2. * “What Defines a Meme?' by James Gleick in Smithsonian magazine
  3. Section C-4 in 7th edition or C-5 in 8th edition in  A Writer's Reference   on Writing Paragraphs


Writing Assignment 3:

Chose 1 topic and write 4 different types of paragraphs for that topic. Label each paragraph with the type of pattern of organization. Transitions between paragraphs are not necessary. You can chose from the list under C4-c for different organizational types. Each paragraph should be at least 100 words, but topic can be as whimsical (unicorns, amusement park rides, bunnies...) or serious (automobiles, dog mushing, dieting.....) as you wish.

Go to the Discussion page for your section and contribute to Discussion #4


Submission Checklist:

  • 2-paragraph contribution to the Discussion page for your section. (30 Points)
  • Paragraph Exercise (WA 3) - 20 points