Lesson 5

The Goal:

In this lesson you'll begin learning what professors mean when they say "critical thinking." You will be introduced to the concepts of skepticism and logical fallacies. In addition, you have the chance to revise your first essay to make up any points lost. Read the instructor's comments carefully and remember that "Revision" is not just editing grammatical errors, but Re-Visioning how you organized your essay and explained your points. You may need to completely change how you explained your ideas, taking some out and adding new ideas instead that will help make prove your thesis. You may need to change your thesis to make it stronger. You may need to change the tone or word choices in the essay. Think carefully and revise with care to make up lost points, should your essay have needed that.


What to Read:

  1. Critical Thinking in College Writing: From the Personal to the Academic' by Gita DasBender in Writing Spaces, Vol 2.
  2. * “Confessions of a Former Environmental Skeptic' by Michael Shermer
  3. * Wikipedia entry on “Logical Fallacies' (link may not work - just google Wikipedia Logical Fallacies).


Go to the Discussion page for your section and contribute to Discussion #5


Submission Checklist:
  • 2-paragraph contribution to the Discussion page for your section (30 points)
  • Paper 1 revision (variable points)