Lesson 9

The Goal:

Revision is an important skill to have as a college student. Although you will often find yourself writing papers the night before they're due, this course should help you understand the value of revision and the reasons for writing well in advance of due dates.

You may want to schedule a visit to the UAF Writing Center. They can walk you through the revision process, students who visit the Writing Center statistically get higher grades than those who don't.


What to Read:

    1. * “The Gospel According to Andrew Carnegie' From “Wealth,' an article published in the  North American Review.
    2. "Why Visit Your Campus Writing Center?' by Ben Rafoth in Writing Spaces, Vol 1

Go to the Discussion page for your section and contribute to Discussion #9


 Paper #2 Revision:

Pay attention to the comments you’ve received from your instructor, and revise Paper #3 accordingly.


Submission Checklist:

  • 2-paragraph contribution to the Discussion page for your section. (30 points)
  • Paper #2 Revision (variable)